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Easy to use Google Translator Interface

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Good Translator is an application which you can use to easily translate text, right on your desktop.

This program is particularly useful when you are working on a project which requires translation, since it is more compact than a web browser where you can access Google Translate.

The program does not require installation, so that makes Good Translator a portable product.

It means you can place it on a removable device and directly run the executable file on any computer.

But, more importantly, there will be no changes made to your Windows registry keys.

The interface of Good Translator is based on a very small, user-friendly window in which you can input text, select the source and target language, and press the "Search" button.

Results are displayed in a secondary window. In addition, you can minimize Good Translator to tray, translate from the clipboard and set it to always be on top of other applications.

Furthermore, you can configure proxy settings and set the program to automatically run at system startup, as well as install a desktop shortcut.

The small software takes up a very low amount of CPU and memory. A help file is not available, since Good Translator is very simple to use. But you will be happy to know it supports a couple of keyboard shortcuts.

The only inconvenience we have found with this tool is the fact that you cannot press the "Enter" key instead of clicking the search button to translate text. Also, the buttons are very small within the interface.

Otherwise, we strongly recommend Good Translator to all users who prefer the simplified version of Google Translate.

Good Translator (formerly Google Translator Interface) was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 10th, 2012
Good Translator (formerly Google Translator Interface) - The application can easily and quickly translate between multiple languages.Good Translator (formerly Google Translator Interface) - The translated text will appear in a new window, giving you the possibility of copying it.Good Translator (formerly Google Translator Interface) - If you are disturbed by the software you can rapidly minimize it to the side of the screen.Good Translator (formerly Google Translator Interface) - The user is able to set the software program to auto-open when Windows launches.

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