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Store all your recipes in a single place, quickly generate shopping lists and create a recipe database containing ingredients, instructions and images

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Gourmet Recipe Manager can come in handy for all gastronomy aficionados, providing a simple method to store and manage their favorite recipes. It enables you to create a virtual cookbook, with an unlimited number of recipes that can be exported to various file formats, such as HTML, XML, PDF or TXT.

Thanks to the simple interface layout, getting accustomed with the application is easy. In order to create a new recipe, you must complete a form with detailed information about the preparation and cooking time, ingredients and instructions.

Generate recipe cards with images

The application can store recipes for breakfast or entree dishes, desserts, soups, salads and so on. The rating system enables you to give a mark to the dish and thus, quickly identify the recipes you like best in each category.

Gourmet Recipe Manager automatically generates a recipe card, showing all the details you provided. To complete the card and make it look more interesting, you can add a webpage URL and assign it an image.

Create and print shopping lists

The integrated shopping list generator and extract ingredients and quantities from a recipe, helping you write down the ones you already have and the ones you need to purchase.

The search function enables you to quickly find a recipe in a large cookbook by using filters and regular expressions, while the duplicate scanner can identify identical recipes. Other tools that come bundled within the package are a cooking timer and alarm clock, a unit conversion utility and a temporary trash holder.

Collect and manage your recipes the easy way

Aside from manually creating recipes, Gourmet Recipe Manager can also import data from MealMaster and MasterCook archives, as well as various websites. Recipes can be easily exported and shopping lists can be printed on paper.

Gourmet Recipe Manager helps you get rid of the pen and paper and store all your recipes in a virtual, safe environment. You can easily print out recipe cards on paper or export them to other formats to share them with others.

Gourmet Recipe Manager was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 7th, 2014
Gourmet Recipe Manager - You can view all the recipes and their rating within the main window of Gourmet Recipe Manager.Gourmet Recipe Manager - When creating a new recipe, you must specify the cooking and the preparation time, as well as other details.Gourmet Recipe Manager - You can add a new ingredient to the list using the designated section of Gourmet Recipe Manager.Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #4Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #5Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #6Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #7Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #8Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #9Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #10Gourmet Recipe Manager - screenshot #11

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