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You can use this simple and lightweight application to create new designs using mathematical calculations and generate race tracks

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Graphic Track Maker is a useful and easy to use software utility developed to provide with with the quickest means possible of creating track designs for your slot car races.

The program is meant to assist you in coming up with new and intricate track layouts for your races, but also has the ability to randomly create such designs or search all the possible layouts that you can use.

Graphic Track Maker provides you with two different view modes, namely 'Grid View' and 'Track View'. The former displays the 'Section Name', 'Number Of Sections', 'Angle', 'Radius (To Outer Edge)' and 'Outer Edge Length', in the form of a table to which you can add new values or adjust the current ones to meet your requirements.

On the other hand, in 'Track View' mode, you can display the actual layout of the tracks, change their position, zoom in or zoom out using right-clicks and mouse movements, enabling you to estimate if it needs any alterations, which you can only perform from the table in 'Grid View'.

In addition to allowing you to manually create your track designs, which can be quite time consuming and difficult or prone to errors, Graphic Track Maker also enables you to work with the 'Tools' it offers, for instance 'Random Search' or 'Sequential Search', which are able to generate numerous different tracks within seconds.

Afterwards, you can pick one to work with and adjust its various properties, like 'Remove Duplicates', 'Change Track Width', 'Change Tolerance' or 'Change Colors' (of either the tracks or the center line). The created layouts can be saved for future use to your computer.

To conclude, Graphic Track Maker is a helpful utility that allows you to generate new and interesting track designs for your slot car races, with the possibility of outputting hundreds of layouts with the least amount of effort.

Graphic Track Maker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 8th, 2014
Graphic Track Maker - The main window of Graphic Track Maker allows you to add the values required to create tracksGraphic Track Maker - You can view the track you create and determine whether it needs further adjustmentsGraphic Track Maker - The File menu allows you to open an existing track, create a new one or save the current oneGraphic Track Maker - screenshot #4Graphic Track Maker - screenshot #5Graphic Track Maker - screenshot #6

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