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A handy and dependable application that allows you to track your daily dosage of HGH supplements and log any symptoms that might appear

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Medication needs to be kept under close surveillance, because sometimes side effects might occur, which need to be noted down and examined. This helps you determine which medicine or supplement has negative or unwanted side effects on your body.

HGH Supplements Tracker is a handy software solution that helps you keep a close eye on the list of HGH supplements that you are prescribed with, by writing down the beneficial and side effects(if any) of each pill administered. In order to properly function, the application requires .Net Framework installed and running on your computer.

Handy medication tracker

The program allows you to create a list of all the HGH supplements that you are being administered, in order to keep track of their effects on your body. By doing so, you are able to find out which supplements caused your symptoms, if any occurred.

Because the HGH(human growth hormone) protein is still not fully understood, due to its complex chemical structure and genetic impact, it is important to write down any dosage and symptoms that might occur when administering this supplement.

Intuitive medical report tool

HGH Supplements Tracker can create advanced reports that show the efficiency of a medicine, based in the ratings and physiological measurements you logged. This way, you are able to if your condition is getting better or worse, by measuring the impact of the HGH supplements on your blood pressure, memory, body fat, healing or energy.

Aside from this, all data can be exported to CSV files, meaning that you can share it with a specialist, who can adjust your dosage accordingly.


All in all, HGH Supplements Tracker provides you with a convenient way to create virtual medical reports regarding human growth hormone supplements, complete with notes about symptoms, whether they are beneficial or have a negative effect on your body.

HGH Supplements Tracker was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
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