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The application does not substitute a real teacher but it can help you study the intricacies of jazz improvisation and the relationship between scales and chords

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Improvisation is a huge part of jazz music. In fact, the artist’s ability to improvise in a jazz session is what the audience is looking forward to; and although learning the relationship between scales and chords is for some a job best completed with the help of a teacher, some prefer self-education for better understanding the entire process.

Jazz Scale Suggester System (JSSS) may be the digital tool some enthusiasts could turn to in order to learn the subtle harmonics of jazz improvisation all by themselves. However, make no mistake, the developer warns that the program does not replace a real teacher.

Main application window

For users not accustomed to chord charts and musical terminology, a simple gander to the interface may be enough to make them realize the program’s not for them.

A set of eight boxes is available in the main view but this can be extended to shelter more chords by simply adding a new page.

On the right hand side there is the legend of all the symbols present in the interface, explaining the purpose of some of the buttons and offering shortcuts for some actions.

Scale suggestion

You don’t have to start from scratch with this program because it includes a few chord charts examples that can be loaded and analyzed to understand how scales and chords affect each other.

Things can be done from square one, too, because you can punch in the chords and instruct it to provide a fitting scale suggestion; selecting a scale or another is not random and relies on common methods employed by jazz musicians.


Starting from the examples provided by the developer, a less experienced user can start fiddling around by specifying keys for the tune and watch the changes that ensue in the chart. Jazz Scale Suggester System does not replace a teacher but it could make for a good starting point for a jazz aficionado keen on learning more about improvisation.

Jazz Scale Suggester System Lite was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on December 17th, 2014
Jazz Scale Suggester System Lite - You can load a chart in Jazz Scale Suggester System to check out various relationships between scales and chordsJazz Scale Suggester System Lite - The application includes a few chord examples that can be examined in order to learn how the program worksJazz Scale Suggester System Lite - From the Edit menu of the program you can suggest jazz scales, which includes specifying the key of a tuneJazz Scale Suggester System Lite

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