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With support for many file types and a text-to-speech feature, this straightforward application aids you in reading the Bible and converting it to other formats

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Simple Bible Reader is a small-sized software tool which supports a pretty long list of formats, and enables you to open and read the Bible, as well as convert it to other file types.

The advantages of portability

The installation process can be bypasses altogether as this product is portable. Consequently, the Windows registry is not going to receive any kind of new entries without your knowledge and approval.

Moreover, you should know that if you copy the program files to a USB thumb drive, you make it possible to run Simple Bible Reader on any computer you come across.

File types you can use

As stated previously, this utility supports a pretty long list of file formats, including EXE, XML, TXT, GBF, ONT, OTX, BBL, ZIP, VPL, THM, SQLITE, BIB, MDB, DOCX, EXP and PDB. These extensions can also be used for exporting and converting Bibles, so that you can work with them in other programs too.

Add dictionaries, search for elements and read text out loud

You should know that it is possible to open commentaries and view them, as well as a dictionary (e.g. DCT, ZIP, DAT, EXP etc.). The various books of the Bible can be displayed in the main window, and a simple search feature is incorporated, so that you can find a specific verse with a minimal amount of effort.

A text-to-speech function is provided and you can easily adjust the volume, speed and voice, as well as test it with just a click of the button. The font type, style, size and color can be changed, while you can also zoom in and out, and go to the next or previous page.

Bottom line

To conclude, Simple Bible Reader is a pretty efficient piece of software for those interested in reading the Bible, regardless of the format it comes in. The interface is dedicated to all users, the response time is good and there are plenty of options to keep you busy for quite a while. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance, nor did it pop any errors or freeze in our tests.

Simple Bible Reader was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 30th, 2014
Simple Bible Reader - The application allows you to browse the Bible content and to add comments.Simple Bible Reader - You can export a certain Bible file or convert multiple books by using the Batch Convert option.Simple Bible Reader - The Settings menu provides access to the program preferences and allow you to manage the plug-ins.Simple Bible Reader - screenshot #4Simple Bible Reader - screenshot #5Simple Bible Reader - screenshot #6Simple Bible Reader - screenshot #7Simple Bible Reader - screenshot #8

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