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A user-friendly dictionary that helps you translate words from English into Indonesian or vice versa, check out expressions, as well as enable the automatic language detection mode

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A foreign language is best learned in the assistance of a teacher, but if you want to adopt a DIY method, you can always turn to specialized software. If the language you wish to study is Indonesian, look no more. Kamus is one of the most appreciated software dictionaries available on the market today.

Simple installation process

Kamus includes two dictionaries - English to Indonesian, and Indonesian to English. There’s nothing complicated about this application, starting with the installation process, which is both speedy and easy to follow.

Clean feature lineup

The whole application is displayed in a single interface. You can select from the three available dictionaries: English - Indonesian, Indonesian - English or the Automatic one (detects the language of the original word and translates it accordingly).

Search operations

Once you input a word, the dictionary will find an exact match, as well as phrases which contain the respective word. The exact matches or words beginning with the input you entered are displayed in the first window on the left, words that begin with that input are displayed below it, and the entries for the first result in each mentioned column are displayed on the right. Just beneath them you can find expressions that contain the original word.

Attach custom words to the dictionaries

Kamus also allows you to add new words to the existing dictionaries, thus offering you the possibility to expand the database. Another advantage of the application is that it works really fast. Results are loaded almost instantly and CPU resources are hardly used.

An overall efficient and reliable dictionary

All in all, Kamus can be of great assistance if you seek to learn the Indonesian language. It’s like having your personal teacher next to you.

Kamus was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Kamus - From the main user interface of Kamus you can search for words in this English-Indonesian-English dictionary.Kamus - When you want to add a word, you must provide both the definition in English and the one in Indonesian.Kamus - From the Options window of Kamus users can adjust he default program settings.

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