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A comprehensive, yet easy to use application that enables you to study Japanese characters and English translation in a playful way

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KanjiTron is a lightweight application that enables you to test and improve your knowledge of Japanese Kanji characters. The software offers you numerous practice boards with Hiragana, Katakana glyphs and other typographic symbols, along with Roman letter equivalents or English translation.

Study mode and Test mode

The software enables you to learn the Kanji alphabet by applying two studying methods: visualizing the characters next to their English equivalent and viewing all the symbols scattered on the board. The test mode implies that you connect two Kanji and the English letter group that they represent.

The test mode is designed as a memory matching game, which means that you have to click on the Japanese glyphs and the matching letter. If you found the correct match, the symbols disappear, and reveal a hidden glyph.

Customize the learning experience

You may select the display of the character lines, as left to right, top to bottom or random orientation, as well as the glyphs set you wish to practice with. You may enter the number of the board manually or let the software display a random set. Additionally, you can choose to view the Japanese characters alone or associated with their equivalent.

The New Board button reveals a new study board each time you press it, while the Mix board starts the testing mode, by scrambling the letters and characters. You may check the Show Board Source List box in order to view the correct symbol associations while in test mode. Moreover, the software displays a learning recommendation, for better memorization: study the glyphs before bedtime and as soon as you wake up.

Playful way of learning Japanese characters

Learning Kanji characters might be challenging, but with KanjiTron you may study in a fun way, while playing a tile matching game. The software can help you test both your knowledge of the Japanese alphabet, but also the state of your memory. Moreover, it suggests a sustainable method of learning, since the glyph boards are sorted in the order of their complexity and difficulty.

KanjiTron was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
KanjiTron - KanjiTron is a simple to use application that enables you to test and improve your knowledge of Japanese language.KanjiTron - The application features multiple sets of Japanese characters, of different difficulty levels, that you can study on.KanjiTron - In the test mode, you need to connect the Japanese characters with the Roman letter equivalent, then discover a hidden symbol.KanjiTron - screenshot #4

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