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A fully-featured application that helps users analyze various aspects of the Indian astrology and generate charts, which can be exported to PDF, JPEG, or BMP

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Kundli Chakra is a Windows utility that offers many useful tools for helping users study the Indian astrology.

This Indian astrology tool was specifically built for allowing students, researchers or professional astrologers to generate reports and analyse astrology using worksheets.

The user interface may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance, but this is only because the program comes packed with a wide range of dedicated parameters.

Kundli Chakra gives you the possibility to create a new horoscope by specifying the name, date, country, as well as latitude and longitude coordinates. Based on the information provided, the tool automatically generates charts or worksheets which offer detailed information about the horoscope, such as planetary position, Lagna and Navamsa charts.

What’s more, you can edit birth data, access the built-in calendar, define your own Muhurta, rotate charts, add various events (e.g. marriage, child birth, accident), edit date time on the selected worksheet, as well as open multiple horoscope charts and compare them.

The program features matchmaking options and provides comprehensive information about the physical features, general events, education and profession, family life, health, and others.

When it comes to exporting options, you can save the generated charts to PDF, JPEG, or BMP. Plus, you can print or send them by email.

Last but not least, Kundli Chakra is able to generate various reports related to horoscope, prediction, planet position, and numerology, and you can view information about the moon chart, house position, sunrise or sunset, name, zodiac signs, and many other useful details.

All in all, Kundli Chakra comprises a handy suite of tools that can be used for analysing various aspects of the astrology and generating charts. Although it might take a while to get used to working with this tool, its multitude of advanced features should please experienced users.

Kundli Chakra was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2013
Kundli Chakra - Kundli Chakra is an astrology software designed to generate kundali reports and transit chart wheels with aspects.Kundli Chakra - From this window of Kundli Chakra, you will be able to create new horoscopes.Kundli Chakra - This is the way Kundli Chakra will display your astrologic details.Kundli Chakra - screenshot #4Kundli Chakra - screenshot #5Kundli Chakra - screenshot #6Kundli Chakra - screenshot #7Kundli Chakra - screenshot #8Kundli Chakra - screenshot #9Kundli Chakra - screenshot #10Kundli Chakra - screenshot #11Kundli Chakra - screenshot #12

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