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An educational utility that can help students search for any mathematics topic and get information within a single, user-friendly interface

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MathBlend is mainly intended for students, providing them with a tool that can be used for finding relevant information and practical examples on any math-related topic. It can save them the time and effort required to search for data online and sort it out by narrowing the range of information sources to a few websites.

The advantage of MathBlend is that it can gather all the explanations and examples within a single intuitive interface. It can assist users in immediately finding information and even videos that can help them understand the math principles and theorems.

The application works just like a search engine specialized in mathematics. Actually, its main window only comprises a search field and a list of commonly searched topics that can be accessed with just a click.

Practically, the user's only task is to manually type or paste the desired keyword in the search form. Alternatively, there is a drop-down list of predefined topics, such as linear functions, quadratic equations, polynomials, theorems, exponential and logarithmic functions, induction, probabilities, combinations, vectors, geometry and so on.

Aside from written information and examples, MathBlend can also find tutorial videos, which can play the role of a personal tutor. Also, it can come in handy for accessing webpages that can give users a helping hand in generating graphs and curves for any function.

In addition to this, it can be used for easily accessing IB Mathematics chat rooms, where one can communicate to other students and share ideas on solving problems.

Created for educational purposes, MathBlend can assist students in deciphering the mysteries of mathematics and improving their skills. It is a handy home practice tool that alongside the school lessons and the teacher's explanations can significantly contribute to one's education.

MathBlend was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on February 10th, 2014
MathBlend - Users can manually type or paste the math topic they want to search for with MathBlend.MathBlend - MathBlend displays the results of the search within its main window, enabling you to navigate to the desired page.MathBlend - You can use MathBlend to learn how to sketch a graph for a difficult function.

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