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This tool is a mathematics equation editor. Allows you to type-in equations to be used in documents and webpages

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Writing math equations in your regular text editor is next to impossible, especially when you deal with advanced formulas. MathCast is a tool that enables you to edit equations of all degrees of difficulty.

The software comes with a clean interface that permits multiple lines of equations. Scanning through these is done with the help of the up and down arrows or by clicking on the respective line. This action enables you to edit the equation.

MathCast comes with a wide array of signs and symbols to help you create your formulas. Thus, you can find basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus signs, as well as a wide range of equal signs, operators, powers and roots.

You can also work with overhead operators, arrows, double-struck letters and Greek letters. In addition, various parenthesis are available.

A few details can be defined from the “Settings” menu. You can choose the default Clipboard copy format; opt for Bitmap, two types of enhanced Metafile and MathML. The default XML layout for saving files can also be defined. Here, you can choose between Named (uses MathML names for symbols), Hex (uses hexadecimal notation) and Unicode (uses Unicode characters).

The default size of equations can also be defined to any value between 0.5 and 3.0. Text and background colors can also be adjusted. Other equations can be included in the text by inserting or appending one of the supported file formats, such as XML, XHT, XHML or HTML.

Equations can be saved as one of the aforementioned formats or as BMPs and PNGs.

All in all, MathCast is a nice and effective tool that can be very useful if you often need to create math formulas on your computer. Inexperienced users should have no problems in figuring out how to work with this app.

MathCast was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on March 22nd, 2013
MathCast - MathCast will help you input mathematical equations into written documents, webpages, and even databasesMathCast - The Edit screen wis the place where you will be able to create your equations for later use in documentsMathCast - Users will be able to access basic functions as well as Insert, Append, Download or Browser / Welcome Screen from the File menuMathCast - screenshot #4MathCast - screenshot #5MathCast - screenshot #6MathCast - screenshot #7

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