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You can use this lightweight and efficient software utility to quickly convert miles to kilometers and use the results for your work

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Miles To Kilometers is a user-friendly application which aims to provide you with an easy means of calculating the precise value in kilometers from a given number of miles, requiring a minimal amount of effort.

The program is very simple to work with, featuring a basic and less than impressive interface. All you need to do is input the source value in the assigned field and click on the 'Convert' button to obtain the result in kilometers.

Miles To Kilometers supports single values from 1 to 400, a fact which will be reminded to you more than you might like. Also, the tool can only handle whole numbers, meaning that you will not be able to find out the results for entries with decimals, such as 2.5 or 10.8.

The values surpassing 400 miles have individual buttons assigned, for every additional 100, thus ranging from 500 to 4600. In this, case, you can click on the targeted button and the results are displayed in the proper cell, allowing you to copy it to clipboard and use it in another window or application.

Moreover, Miles To Kilometers only features one conversion direction, so you will not be able to turn kilometers into miles, which could have been an equally useful function to have, potentially making it more attractive when compared to similar tools.

To conclude, Miles To Kilometers is a helpful albeit limited piece of software that can swiftly convert miles to kilometers, enabling you to obtain accurate results and use them in other purposes.

Miles To Kilometers was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
Miles To Kilometers - The main window of Miles To Kilometers allows you to input the source value and obtain its equivalent in kilometers

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