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An advanced astrology application that relies on the Swiss Ephemeris system in order to create horoscopes, generate charts and analyze data

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Morinus is an application dedicated to experienced astrologists, allowing them to generate a horoscope based on the Swiss Ephemeris system, with an impressive time range from 5000 BC to 5000 AD.

Thanks to its simplistic interface and the well-organized menus, using the application shouldn't be a difficult task. Creating a new horoscope requires you to provide a few details regarding the gender of the person, the time interval, the desired location and its altitude.

Morinus can compute standard zodiacal charts (radix), transits, revolutions, which are assigned true astronomical speculums, but you can also opt for other types of charts, such as solar or lunar ephemeris or zodiacal profections.

The application can either use the Gregorian or the Julian calendar and allows daylight saving. You can add a short description to each horoscope, including important remarks and describing its significance.

Morinus features options for viewing and analyzing positions of planets and other celestial objects, point, chart and topical almutens, mundane positions, antiscion and contraantiscion longitudes and latitudes, zodiacal parallels and contraparallels.

Additionally, it can generate tables containing data on exact transits in a specific month and year, annual, monthly and daily porfections, thus providing the base for further astrological analysis.

Also, it is capable of creating charts illustrating specific aspects that might be of interest to any astronomer, namely transits, revolutions, sun-transits, secondary directions, elections and so on.

Morinus supports multiple house systems and offers chart customization options. With a feature set that is rich enough to please even the most demanding astrologists, this application is intended for professionals, requiring advanced astrology knowledge in order to interpret the generated data.

Morinus was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
Morinus - This is the main window of Morinus that allows you to access all the features of the application.Morinus - Morinus enables you to easily load a horoscope file and view its contents.Morinus - From this menu of Morinus you'll be able to choose the tables you need to view.Morinus - screenshot #4Morinus - screenshot #5Morinus - screenshot #6Morinus - screenshot #7

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