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Lightweight and simple-to-use application which enables you to learn Morse code, as well as practice your skills and edit lessons

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MorseCat is a simple software tool which can be used in order to learn Morse code, through customizable exercises for different levels.

This utility does not require installation, as it is portable. As a consequence, the Windows registry will not be updated with new entries, and there will be no leftovers after its removal.

What’s more, you should know that by placing the program files to a removable storage unit (e.g. USB drive), it is possible to run MorseCat on any computer you can gain access to, with just a click of the button.

The interface is built with several tabs, yet it is a bit cluttered and thus, it might not be so easy to always find the settings you are looking for, and novice users might have a little bit of trouble when trying to work with it.

You can change the tone (Hz) and speed (words or letters per minute), while in expert mode you can also tinker with the ratio, dashes, character and word space, and Farnsworth.

The test consists of listening to Morse code and trying to guess the characters tapped. It is also possible to force the tool to display them, save the entire text to the hard drive as a TXT file, clear or print this information.

Character sets can be displayed in a new tab and customized, while you can also view all Morse code associations, including for special letters, punctuation and procedural signs. Furthermore, the timbre, language and lessons are subject to change.

In conclusion, MorseCat is a pretty decent piece of software for people interested in learning Morse code or practicing their skills. Nonetheless, it could definitely benefit from an update.

MorseCat was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
MorseCat - In the main window of MorseCat you can easily customize your skill level and different Rhythm settings.MorseCat - The Character Set tab of MorseCat enables you to customize the set of characters.MorseCat - MorseCat even allows you to save preferences on quit or change the language of the application from English to German.

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