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A user-friendly and efficient application designed to offer you the ability to create web-based exams using multiple choice questions and answers

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Multiple Choice Exam Maker is a reliable and easy to use software solution meant to offer you an effective means of creating tests using questions of your own devise, with several answering alternatives, which you can pass to your students.

Simple but practical interface

Following a regular installation process, you can launch the application and begin working with it. Thanks to its intuitive and straight-forward interface, even the least experienced individuals will still figure out how to best benefit from Multiple Choice Exam Maker.

The main window features several fields where you can input the 'Quiz Title', the 'Question' you want to include in the test, and finally the possible 'Answers', with the option to allow written answers.

Build a quiz by adding your questions and answers

To begin creating your test, you can enter the questions and up to five different answers, enabling you to select which one is correct. Using the 'Previous' and 'Next' arrows, you can create additional questions – as many as you need, while the 'View Quiz' button lets you preview the current appearance of the test you have compiled.

Moreover, Multiple Choice Exam Maker allows you to input images or other media formats, which can assist students in answering the questions. Both of these can be randomized, so as to reduce the risk of cheating; at the same time, the question order can be changed manually, for similar purposes. The tool includes several other functions that allow you to fully customize the generated test.

Exporting options

When saving a completed quiz, you can export it to HTML, MHT or EXE format, optionally being able to shuffle questions every time it is run or allow the student to view all the correct answers before completing the quiz. The HTML files are viewable in Internet Explorer or Firefox, permitting all students to access their contents.

Helpful quiz creating tool

To sum it up, Multiple Choice Exam Maker is a useful, albeit not great-looking application, that enables you to create web-based exams, quizzes, polls and other forms which require questions with multiple answering alternatives.

Multiple Choice Exam Maker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 20th, 2015
Multiple Choice Exam Maker - The main window of Multiple Choice Exam Maker allows you to start inputting questions and answersMultiple Choice Exam Maker - From the File menu, you can save the current document or open an existing one for further workMultiple Choice Exam Maker - The Edit menu enables you to cut, copy and paste elements into the fields of the main windowMultiple Choice Exam Maker - screenshot #4Multiple Choice Exam Maker - screenshot #5Multiple Choice Exam Maker - screenshot #6

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