Periodic Table 3.0.3

Simple to use periodic table of chemical elements equipped with a molecular calculator and the possibility to check additional details about the entries

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What's new in Periodic Table 3.0.3:

  • Link to Wikipedia page of every element
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Periodic Table - All the chemical elements in the table are organized by their atomic number and include their atomic weightPeriodic Table - Among the details provided for a chemical element there is the boiling and melting point and the ionization potentialPeriodic Table - The application includes a molecular weight calculator to easily check the mass of a given compoundPeriodic TablePeriodic Table
The Periodic Table organizes the chemical elements into groups and provides a classification according to common properties and characteristics.

Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev is credited for the formalization of the periodic table, although multiple attempts preceded his, because he managed to come up with a version that allowed further expansion when new elements would be discovered.

Simple, clear interface

Dhaatu Periodic Table software application is not just a digital version of Mendeleev’s project as it includes more than a presentation of the chemical elements and details about the atomic weight and number.

The product also incorporates a molecular weight calculator and offers details about the atomic radius, density or melting and boiling points. More knowledge is available as the electronic configuration, electronegativity and ionization potential are also revealed.

Even more, the developer fit the it with less scientific information touching on the properties and usage of each element as well as who discovered it and when. Additional data such as notes about a specific element can be stored in the program, too.

Extended functionality

Apart from showing the chemical elements Periodic Table includes a search function that helps find an element based on the atomic number, symbol or its name.

A molecular calculator is also present, with a few of the most common compounds already available in a drop down menu.

The table can be printed or, if you want it within easy reach for a quick look now and then, it can be used as a the wallpaper image for the desktop.


Dhaatu Periodic Table is a simple way to view the chemical elements and to find more about their properties. Installation is easy and working with the program does not require too much effort since the table itself is interactive.

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