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A reliable, useful and effective software solution specially intended for detecting and preventing plagiarism by comparing your documents against one of the biggest database in the world, that of the search engines

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Plagiarism Detector is a comprehensive and practical software solution that provides you with a simple means of checking your documents and projects and detecting the plagiarism level.

The mechanism that the application uses is not so difficult to understand. It checks the document against multiple search engine databases trying to locate the possible sources and when matches are found, it automatically calculates the plagiarism rate.

Reporting the document to its length and total number of used phrases and words, each time a sentence is detected, the rate of originality will decrease. Still, taking into consideration that many websites actually copy the information from other documents, books and even other websites, we might find the same information on several web pages.

Plagiarism Detector’s main purpose is the automated detection of digital plagiarism, being designed to use one of the biggest digital open database in the world, that of the search engines.

Because of its intuitive interface you just simply need to add the document you want, then scan it. After the scanning process is done, the application will generate a report that displays useful data about the plagiarism level and the sources from where the information was taken.

Since it comes with well organized menus and with useful features, you can scan and even compare various documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, HTML pages, PDF files etc.

Although you can check the current document and compare it with all the available online databases, you can also compare it with another document from your computer. This way, you will know if a colleague managed to create his paper by using the well-known technique namely ‘Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V’ or he is old-fashioned and read several books.

Also, the application integrates within Windows context menu and Office, so you can easily check your files, presentations and worksheets without spending time finding them.

In addition, Plagiarism Detector proves to be a professional and useful application that ensures if your documents are original or they have a high level of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Detector was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on March 4th, 2014
Plagiarism Detector - With the help of Plagiarism Detector you are able to add a document and detect the level of plagiarismPlagiarism Detector - The application enables you to manually add documents or simply restore the last sessionPlagiarism Detector - You have the possibility to add as many documents as you want and start checking themPlagiarism Detector - screenshot #4Plagiarism Detector - screenshot #5Plagiarism Detector - screenshot #6Plagiarism Detector - screenshot #7Plagiarism Detector - screenshot #8Plagiarism Detector - screenshot #9Plagiarism Detector - screenshot #10

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