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A useful and reliable solution whose main purpose is to help you calculate the average RV trips per year and the gas mileage within seconds

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RV Calculator is a straightforward and useful software solution especially designed for users who need to calculate the number of years until the cost of purchasing and maintaining their RV (also known as recreational vehicle) would be paid for completely.

Considering that such vehicles are primarily intended for leisure activities such as vacations and camping and include a kitchen, a bathroom and various sleeping facilities, you might want to know if it is profitable to maintain such a car.

RV Calculator enables you to calculate various coefficients such as ‘Hotel Room Cost’, ‘Travel Vehicle Gas Mileage’, ‘Average RV Trips Per Year’, ‘Yearly Expenses’, ‘RV Gas Price’ and ‘Average Non-RV Trips Per Year’. What’s more, each time you modify a value, all the coefficients will change accordingly.

The application comes with an intuitive interface from where you can easily modify the values according to your needs, as well as test different conditions with ease.

By accessing the right-click menu, you are able to make use of various options such as ‘Lock Distances’, ‘Search RV cost’, ‘Search Non-RV Nights’, ‘Search Hotel Room Costs’, ‘Enter Extended Warranty’ and ‘Undo RV Cost’, to name a few.

Furthermore, the program will automatically calculate the years until the difference exceeds the RV cost and the RV price for each trip. This way, you are able to compare the presumed costs when you go on vacations with your recreational vehicle along with the costs when you check-in into a hotel.

To sum things up, RV Calculator proves to be an efficient solution when it comes to calculating the RV costs, the gas prices and yearly expenses such as insurance, maintenance etc.

RV Calculator was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
RV Calculator - With the help of RV Calculator you are able to easily calculate the RV cost, hotel room cost and vehicle gas price

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