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To fully understand chemistry you need to visualize it. At the rate of which technology advanced, it is possible to do so from the comfort of your desktop chair. Doing so is only available through special applications, just like RasTop.

In depth molecule visualization

With the help of this little utility you are able to better understand what is going on at an atomic level. RasTop allows you to view any proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules created with Rasmol.

Use your mouse to navigate around, or by the press of a button you can make it automatically spin while you sit back and analyze. Different view modes are available, ranging from wireframe, to ball and stick, according to your liking.

An abundance of options

RasTop is anything but missing view options, and it won't leave you clueless for a second. The basic rotation options ensure that everything can be in sight, while tabs can be opened for more in depth analysis, such as number of atoms, groups, and much more. Specific components can be hidden, or shown, depending on the case, to ensure an even better understanding.

Multiple molecules can be viewed at the same time, as well as a “Stereo” option, that will split the workspace into two, allowing for different angles to be visible simultaneously.

In conclusion

To sum things up, RasTop offers a highly complex view on what's going on at a molecular level. This makes it a suitable learning application, that can come in handy to those students that simply cannot comprehend chemistry. Moreover, the ability to save under one of the common image file types, gives you the ability to share info with people that lack this handy utility.

RasTop was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
RasTop - The main window of RasTop enables you to add a new molecule or a new atom.RasTop - By accessing the File menu of the application you can choose to load a molecular file.RasTop - From the Edit menu, the users will be able to inverse the selection.RasTop - You can use the Molecule menu to calculate the structure or to renumber the molecule.RasTop - screenshot #5RasTop - screenshot #6RasTop - screenshot #7RasTop - screenshot #8RasTop - screenshot #9RasTop - screenshot #10

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