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This intuitive and easy to use software solution can help you create and organize your digital cookbook using tags and a built-in search function

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Cookbooks are kind of old-fashioned and have a number of disadvantages. For example they can't be easily edited, searched or shared online. What's more, they tend to become damaged and worn as time goes by. The SSuite Office - Recipe Organiser can help users overcome some of the traditional cookbook's limitations by providing a simple, intuitive database to help them store their recipes.

Easy to organize and search

The main window of the application features two resizable tabs and a number of conveniently placed buttons which allow users to create and view categories or search for recipes.

Upon creation, recipes can be assigned descriptions and a number of tags. These can help the user search for the recipe they want, either by manually browsing a list or using the application's built-in search function.

Functional built-in text editor

Recipes are entered or modified by using the program's built-in text editor. One can also import recipes or text from TXT and RTF files.

The editor itself provides all of the formatting functions one would expect or need, such as the ability to align text to the left, right or center, change the font face, size and style or insert pictures and tables.

As an extra feature, the editor can also handle conversions between various units of mass and volume that may be encountered in the kitchen such as grams, mililiters, cups, ounces and pints. However, this is done in a separate window, and the user must manually copy and paste both the values they want to convert and the results of the conversion.

A no-frills recipe database

This modest household utility can help those who do not want to rely on their hard-copy cookbooks any longer. However, its usefulness is limited by the fact that it can not print recipes for actual use in the kitchen and that some users may find using its conversion feature cumbersome.



SSuite Office - Recipe Organiser was reviewed by Corneliu Paval
Last updated on March 20th, 2015
SSuite Office - Recipe Organiser - The main window of the application allows users to add or edit categories and recipes.SSuite Office - Recipe Organiser - The Edit Recipe window enables users to enter their recipes and features common text editor functions.SSuite Office - Recipe Organiser - By accessing the Conversions window, users can easily convert between various measuring units.SSuite Office - Recipe OrganiserSSuite Office - Recipe Organiser

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