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A handy application that was especially designed to provide a compact reminder for Muslim people so they can get ready for their prayers

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Punctuality is a very appreciated character trait, regardless of country, culture and even religion. For this reason, people all over the world use various types of notification systems to remind them of important events they have to attend.

Getting in time at a personal or business meeting is at least just as important as never missing a single prayer time. For this particular purpose utilities like Shollu have been developed and are quite sought after.

Check out the remaining time until the next prayer

This application is especially tailored for Muslim people who can thus stay informed about the upcoming prayer time. The program even displays on the desktop a small window with the remaining time until the event starts.

Select or input the desired location

Shollu is great when it comes to choosing the location for which the user needs to have the prayer times displayed. The software comes with an impressive city database which enables anyone to easily find and pick the location. Also, once can input the coordinates manually in case the place they're looking for does not appear on the list.

Scheduled tasks

With the help of this utility, users can create prayer times tables and schedules with custom start and end time and dates, as well as personalized background and text colors. The schedules can be then saved in either comma separated value or tab separated value formats.

The built-in 'Task Scheduler' further enhances the functionality of Shollu by allowing users to easily add to the list all kinds of jobs, ranging from informational messages to power actions like shutting down the computer or have it enter hibernation.

A reliable Islamic prayer notifier

All in all, this software solution proved to be very efficient, easy to use and it put up a good performance, so it certainly deserves a spot among the best applications in its category.

Shollu was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Shollu - From the main window of the application you can view a daily prayer scheduler.Shollu - From this window you will be able to change the time format and the dialog message effect.Shollu - Conventions for Fajr and Ishaa can be provided by Egyptian General Org. of Surveying, World Islamic League and more.Shollu - screenshot #4Shollu - screenshot #5Shollu - screenshot #6Shollu - screenshot #7

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