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A comprehensible and efficient software application designed to allow you to create a detailed database of your relatives, in order to recreate a genealogical lineage





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SmartGenealogy is a genealogy package tool that records individual persons with dates and places of birth, marriage, divorce, death and other events in their life along with the sources and repositories where you found the information from.

You can also include pictures or indicate multimedia files.

It is easy to add events to an individual record : They then automatically display in the person's life.

The supported events are : Adoption, Baptism, Birth, Burial, Census, Confirmation, Cremation, Death, Divorce, Emigration, Event, Graduation, Immigration, Marriage, Naturalization, Occupation, Reference, Religion, Residence, Source, Title.

With SmartGenealogy, you can recreate a genealogical lineage containing detailed information on every relative.
Last updated on April 25th, 2014
SmartGenealogy - The application allows you to create a detailed database about your relatives, with various notes and information.SmartGenealogy - The search function allows you to easily find the person or event you are looking.SmartGenealogy - You can browse through the database and easily edit the profile of each person, in order to add information.SmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogySmartGenealogy

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