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Organize your stamp collection and create a virtual database containing anything from the stamp's origin and snapshots you took for each collectable

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StampManage is an advanced and professional software utility that allows you to create detailed stamp collections on your computer.

An intuitive interface and organized layout

The application comes in a comprehensible layout, easy enough to be operated even by the inexperienced computer users.

The graphic user interface is neatly organized in such manner so as to allow you to easily access the features and menus you require.

Although you cannot change the chromatic theme of the utility, you can resize the main window of the application to the desired width and height, giving you a clear overview of the important information.

An immense database of stamps from all around the world

When adding new items to your collection, you can organize them by many categories, such as their location, the print method used, the stamps' format, color or even by their value.

Your collection of stamps can also be organized in many user-specified folders, allowing you to customize your entire collection.

This way, you can create new directories containing copies of your best stamps, to quickly show them off to your friends.

Insightful preview of your stamps

As you select them in the list, your stamps can be previewed in the lower side of the window, allowing to view them in detail..

Your stamps are organized and assigned their corresponding Scott number, for identification purposes, allowing you to easily assess your collection's completion progress.

To each stamp in your collection, you can attach various files, documents or information, in order to create a complete and comprehensive database.

The items of your collection can be marked for various specifications, such as their degree of preservation, if they carry watermarks and other defects, or even their postmark information.

An advanced and complex database of stamps

StampManage proves to be an efficient and reliable manager of your stamp collection, thanks to its intuitive user interface and most importantly, to its immense database of scanned and organized stamps you can access.

StampManage was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
StampManage - By using StampManage, you can create a large collection of stamps on your computer.StampManage - From the File menu integrated in StampManage, you can create new stamps or collection to be added to your database.StampManage - From the Actions menu of StampManage, you can view online auctions of stamps you wish to buy or sell.StampManage - screenshot #4StampManage - screenshot #5StampManage - screenshot #6StampManage - screenshot #7StampManage - screenshot #8StampManage - screenshot #9StampManage - screenshot #10StampManage - screenshot #11StampManage - screenshot #12StampManage - screenshot #13StampManage - screenshot #14

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