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An intuitive and user-friendly application that provides access to a variety of statistics tools with the ability to generate comprehensive graphs

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Stats EZ consists of a comprehensive set of tools aimed at performing statistical calculations. It is suited for both students and teachers, as it encases a vast array of tools that cover the essential aspects of the statistics field.

For a regular user, the number of calculators included in Stats EZ is going to seem astonishing, however, scientists and specialists in the field are likely to appreciate and savor the richness of the application.

Despite being so generous in features, Stats EZ sports a clean and organized interface, where each feature has its own designated place. The GUI is divided into a number of tabs, which have suggestive titles, so as not to create confusion amongst users.

All of the data can be entered manually, but importing it from a TXT or DAT file is equally possible. Even the most complex calculations are performed rapidly, with a high degree of accuracy, too.

It can calculate percentiles, deviations, probabilities (including rolling dice), z-scores, permutations, factorials, combinations, as well as to process ANOVA and Chi-square data sets. There’s also the possibility to accomplish test for means, difference of means, correlations and regressions.

On top of these, the program is also able to generate a wide array of graph types for user-defined data sets, including histograms, pareto, pie, bar and scatter plots and to save them locally in various popular image formats.

If in doubt about a certain function, you can always use the help file embedded inside the application for tips. Also, there’s a demonstration data set that can be used to experiment with the program extensively.

Overall, Stats EZ does seem like a great choice for anyone in need of a speedy software that can compute complex statistical operations. The approach is oriented to the end user who is speared the effort of manually performing such sophisticated calculations.

Stats EZ was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Stats EZ - The main window of Stats EZ is divided into several tabs, each with a different functionality.Stats EZ - Stats EZ is able to generate graphs based on user-defined data.Stats EZ - Stats EZ is able to calculate factorials, permutations and combinations.Stats EZ - screenshot #4Stats EZ - screenshot #5Stats EZ - screenshot #6Stats EZ - screenshot #7Stats EZ - screenshot #8Stats EZ - screenshot #9

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