Story Lite

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Productivity software for writing and editing stories






Story Lite is a useful application for the creative writers that want to create stories in a flexible interface with multiple canvases. The application is designed to help you increase your productivity and ideas generation.

For creative work, lists, essays, blogging, fiction, reports, anything. Keep all your ideas and notes in one big layout where positioning helps productivity of main document. Includes 40 example files to get you started, very easy to use software.

Canvas layout of multiple text editors and zoom. Allows 2D positioning and 3D view boxes in any color with many export functions. Make new ideas, keep all ideas to hand in view. Work on main text with all usual formatting commands. Keep all your ideas and notes in one big layout where layout positioning helps productivity of main document. All editing boxes are together. Lose and forget nothing

Many display templates and example files. Very easy to use with many preferences and commands. Simple interface with canvas layout zoom, change colors, resize, drag and resize and delete boxes, zoom in and out to see whole canvas layout of all editing boxes or zoom in to edit.

Unique info map allows instant movement across large canvas layout to any of your editing boxes, wherever they are. Your canvas layout can be screen sized or huge with zoom out and in, and info map for speedy view positioning. Big social website too with forum, examples, templates, how to write advice, support, FAQ, help, and also web version of program.
Last updated on December 16th, 2012
Story Lite - This is the main window of Story Lite, where you will be able to start writing your story.Story Lite - The context menu allows you to format the current item and to access the text box preferences.Story Lite - The File menu of Story Lite will enable you to change the template or export the stories.Story Lite - screenshot #4Story Lite - screenshot #5Story Lite - screenshot #6Story Lite - screenshot #7

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