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Dictionary to translate Tagalog-English-Tagalog, including expressions.

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Tagalog Translator is a handy application designed to help you learn the basics of the Tagalog language. The program provides you with words, translations and expressions that facilitate the communication when you travel to the Philippines.

Since Tagalog is a widely spread language in the Philippines, you might want to learn some basic expressions before engaging into a conversation. This app includes a list of expressions that can help you find out the price of an item, ask for directions or communicate certain information about yourself.

The expressions are grouped into ten different topics which makes it easier to find the one that you require for a certain situation. The dictionary section includes more than five thousand entries and enables you to search for a word by entering the English equivalent.

Although the search function intends to be a practical feature, the results are sorted alphabetically taking into consideration the spelling of the Tagalog word and not the search term. When searching for short words such as "eat" or "cat", you might end up with a large list of entries which requires some time to locate the desired term.

The dictionary also provides examples by putting the word into a sentence or expression. This allows you to clearly understand its meaning in different expressions.

Unfortunately, the Translator does not provide you with the option to add a new word or to change the content of the database. Furthermore, while the name implies that it can translate phrases, it merely provides you with the words and expressions that you can use in communication.

The Tagalog Translator's interface is easy to use and its menu enables you to quickly find an expression or search a word in the dictionary. You can start learning Tagalog by using this tool, but you need to translate phrases by yourself or by using another application.

Tagalog Translator was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 21st, 2013
Tagalog Translator - The main window of the software allows you to use the dictionary function of the program.Tagalog Translator - When using the Expressions window, the program displays translated expressions from english to tagalog.

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