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A simple to use and reliable application that can help you turn any computer into a realistic scoreboard, configured for tennis matches

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Tennis Scoreboard Pro is an intuitive software that enables you to keep the score for tennis matches in a professional looking interface. The application is configured to keep the score based on the rules of field tennis and supports up to 5 sets.

Keep the score for tennis matches like a referee

The software consists of two main boards, one for display and another one that contains the control buttons. Tennis Scoreboard Pro is configured according to tennis rules: you may increase the points for each player by 15, then mark the overall score for each set. The software enables you to record the evolution of the game for maximum 5 sets.

Moreover, you can easily switch from a player-versus-player configuration to 4 players match, by selecting the name of the one who scored in a set. The scoreboard also displays the time of day and the match duration. You may easily pause the timer, in case of a time out, for instance. Additionally, you can clear the current score and start a new game by clicking the dedicated buttons.

Record the evolution of the game, by marking the new scores

The software enables you to create keyboard shortcuts for score increasing or decreasing, switching between window mode and full screen, or sounding the buzzer. Additionally, the game timer may be modified or reset with the keys.You may change the default key configuration in order to fit your preferences.

The names of the players, the field and the logos can also be changed with a few clicks. Moreover, the layout of the scoreboard itself may be modified down to colors, numbers style and names of the fields. Tennis Scoreboard Pro also allows you to play custom sounds instead of the buzzer noise, the horn, as well as the indicators of end of match or end of timeout.

Professional looking scoreboard with customizable layout

With Tennis Scoreboard Pro, you may easily setup a real life score keeping board, with LED style display and custom colors. The software can run in window mode or in full screen, in order to offer you and your friends a genuine tennis match score keeping experience. Moreover, you can change the names of the players, the court, even the titles of the score fields, in order to fit your preferences.

Tennis Scoreboard Pro was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 15th, 2014
Tennis Scoreboard Pro - Tennis Scoreboard Pro is a simple to use application that enables you to keep the score for your favorite tennis players.Tennis Scoreboard Pro - The software features a modern looking interface that resembles the official scoreboards you can see on stadiums.Tennis Scoreboard Pro - You may set several keyboard shortcuts, so you can easily update the score as you watch the on-going match.Tennis Scoreboard Pro - screenshot #4Tennis Scoreboard Pro - screenshot #5Tennis Scoreboard Pro - screenshot #6Tennis Scoreboard Pro - screenshot #7

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