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Work on your typing skills, improve your accuracy or learn about finger position on the keyboard, take tests and monitor your progress with this application

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Those who rarely lay their hands on a keyboard find it difficult to get accustomed to the position of letters on the QWERTY layout. Improving typing speed requires a lot of practice, while accuracy highly depends on the finger positioning. Typing Quick & Easy can assist you in improving your typing skills by providing lessons and exercises that can enhance typing precision and speed.

The application applies teaching methods whose efficiency is proven in practice, allowing beginners to learn the correct position of the hand on the keyboard (including the numeric keypad section and split keyboards) and help them type texts without looking at the keyboard to find the character they are looking for.

Thanks to its collection of tests with multiple difficulty levels, more experienced typists can also benefit from using it. Timed tests can help them strengthen their skills, while the accuracy analysis results allows them to identify the problematic areas. Aside from the predefined lessons that Typing Quick & Easy provides, you can also create your own.

In order to make the learning experience much more pleasant, the application enables you to load your own songs and plays them during lessons or tests.

Speed is determined by measuring the number of words that are typed in a minute and results are displayed for each keystroke, finger, left or right hand and keyboard line. You can view your progress by setting the program to cumulate the statistics for the last 10 tests you took.

Due to the interactive games and tests, Typing Quick & Easy makes typing practice an entertaining activity. Relying on advanced learning techniques, it can help you build basic typing skills, correctly assess your abilities, detect your weaknesses and ultimately, improve your words-per-minute rate and your dexterity.

Typing Quick & Easy was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
Typing Quick & Easy - From the main window of Typing Quick & Easy you can access a range of tutorials and typing tests.Typing Quick & Easy - The application provides a number of typing lessons that you can choose and follow visual and audio examples.Typing Quick & Easy - While viewing a tutorial, the application provides images with examples and also plays an audio description of themTyping Quick & Easy - screenshot #4Typing Quick & Easy - screenshot #5Typing Quick & Easy - screenshot #6Typing Quick & Easy - screenshot #7Typing Quick & Easy - screenshot #8

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