Ukulele Chord Learning Tool1.2

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A simple application that may come in handy to those who wish to practice how to position the fingers on their string instruments or tune them





With the help of Ukulele Chord Learning Tool you can learn how to place your fingers on your instrument's chords in order to reproduce various sounds.

Once you have chosen a certain chord, Ukulele Chord Learning Tool will show you how the chord to be fingered on a diagram.

Also, it will display configuration notes on the score. Ukulele Chord Learning Tool supports standard tuning as well as LOW-G tuning.

In addition, the Variation option will allow you to check how you can play the same chord in different way.
Last updated on December 6th, 2007
Ukulele Chord Learning Tool - Ukulele Chord Learning Tool enables you to view the positions where your fingers should be placed on your instrument's chords.

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