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A user-friendly dictionary that includes an extensive database for helping you translate words from Arabic into English or vice versa, one-click word translation mode, custom hotkeys, voice pronunciation and more

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So, you have decided to learn a new language and broaden your horizons. Then why not try something a little exciting and exotic such as Arabian, for instance. But of course, you are going to need some help - a good translator, at least.

VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English is an educational tool with a very extensive database concerning Arabic to English, and English to Arabic language translations.

Tweaks during the installation process

During installation you are required to select hotkeys for mouse activation and keyboard activation combination (for an instant translation when you click a word), as well as micro window activation.

Minimalist GUI

The user interface is simple, and it bundles a few options. Each new search is saved in the history file, and you can set VerbAce to receive software updates notifications.

Configuration settings

An Arabic keyboard can be brought up by the click of a button, while the overall appearance can be changed from the perspective of fonts, window position and window contents.

In addition, you can enable your own dictionary to be used by VerbAce. When you search for an item, results will be instantly displayed - the translated word or expression, but also a definition of the word, imported from Wikipedia. You can also make use of the English pronunciation mode for hearing how the words are being read aloud.

What’s more, the tool displays possible matches when you hover your mouse cursor over the desired word and lets you specify the time when the micro window pops out or activate the left-mouse click mode. VerbAce uses a moderate amount of memory when it is active.

Bottom line

All in all, VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English is intuitive and easy-to-use. If you ever need an Arabic translator, don’t hire one; just use this application instead. It’s user friendly enough and addressed to all users.

VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 7th, 2015
VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - The translation window pops up every time you use the keyboard shortcut and it automatically searches for similar topics on Wikipedia.VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - The virtual keyboard can be displayed on your screen at all times and you can configure the application by accessing the right-click menu.VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - You can clear the term history and set up a proxy server from the General configuration tab.VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - screenshot #4VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - screenshot #5VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - screenshot #6VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English - screenshot #7

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