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This web based application allows you to calculate the points for the WeightWatcher program n order to keep track of your weight on a daily basis

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Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator is a simple tool designed to help you use the Weight Watcher program. It allows you to calculate the points required to track your progress on a daily basis.

The Weight Watchers system is a popular tool for losing weight and keeping your self in shape by calculating the calorie input and output. With this method you can easily optimize your daily calorie intake with the energy you use while performing various activities.

Since the system simplifies the calculations by using points instead of calories, you need to frequently estimate the number of points. This application is designed to convert the protein, fiber, carbohydrate and fat intake into points with minimum effort.

It is a web based application that uses a JavaScript function to process the information and return the number of points that you need to enter in the Weight Watcher system. Thus, it requires insignificant resources and can run in any Internet browser.

The program can take into consideration the number of servings in order to accurately calculate the points.

Although it is loaded in a browser, the calculator does not require Internet access since all the function parameters are saved on your computer. Unfortunately, that also means that it is offline and does not take into consideration any modifications made to the formula.

The Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator is a handy tool for all the users who need to estimate the point equivalent of the food intake. However, it is not actively developed and future updates are not likely to be added.

Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator - Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator is a handy and reliable utility designed to help you calculate your weight watchers points quick and easy.

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