Windows 7 Navigation Application

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A simple client especially developed for Windows 7 which enables you and others to obtain accurate locations using GPS and track movement





Windows 7 Navigation Application is a Visual Studio package that allows you to use the Location Platform to obtain a user’s location as well as track his or hers movement with Virtual Earth.

The package contains all the binaries and code required to access Windows 7 Location Platform data using .NET software. Once it is implemented, it enables you to view data with Virtual Earth in 3D and keeps track of any movement when subscribed to the Local Platform API.

The client for Windows 7 Navigation Application also offers you the means to use a comprehensive interface which is fitted with the WPF Ribbon and VE3D WinForms control. Once it is up and running you’ll be able to track movement using GPS.

With a simple click you can have it pinpoint your location and places a marker on the map. As it tracks your movement it adds more pins at various locations and you can remove them with yet another click.

Using Windows 7 Navigation Application you able able to browse the map with just your mouse and you can run the app in both window and fullscreen modes.
Last updated on January 22nd, 2009
Windows 7 Navigation Application - screenshot #1Windows 7 Navigation Application - Access Windows 7 Location Platform data in your .NET application

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