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A fun to use and intuitive application that helps you practice your grammar skills and dictionary knowledge through an interactive letter puzzle

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Combining fun with education is ideal when trying to teach others something new, as they will not get bored and lose focus. This can be achieved through puzzle mini-games, that have the capability to keep an individual focused on the goal of the application, while subconsciously learning new things.

One such program is Word Workout, which allows you to learn new words by completing puzzles with random letters. In order to properly function, the application requires Java installed on your computer.

Fun to use dictionary puzzler with user-friendly interface

The application can teach you certain words through a word puzzler similar to Scrabble, as you can gather points for each word created, depending on its length and letter value.

Furthermore, the program can easily be ran in a couple of ways, either as “Practice” or “Score” mode. The first mode lets you try and get accustomed with the application, while the latter is based on competition, as you need to gather a high score in a determined period of time.

Intuitive word creation that supports online play

Word Workout can help you compete against your friends, by directly connecting to their IP address. This way, you can try to obtain a higher score than them, whilst learning new words and expanding your dictionary.

The application can help you add your own dictionary, so that you will be able to use the program even if you are not familiar with the predefined dictionaries. This increases the program’s flexibility, as it suits most languages.

A lightweight, yet intuitive and creative word puzzler

To draw a line, Word Workout gives you the possibility to expand your grammar skills and dictionary knowledge. You can practice for fun, create high scores or compete against friends online in order to test your and their grammar knowledge.

Word Workout was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 19th, 2014
Word Workout - Word Workout allows you to exercise your dictionary and grammar skills, by forming words with random letters.Word Workout - From the File menu, you can change the game mode, either to Practice or to Score, which is timed.Word Workout - By accessing the Edit menu, you have the possibility to change the dictionary used for word creation.Word Workout - screenshot #4Word Workout - screenshot #5

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