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A simple and intuitive application that enables you to learn or improve your knowledge of the Greek language, by studying words and grammar

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WordBanker English-Greek is an important assistant, that can help you learn Greek language, practice grammar or study vocabulary. It features multiple learning methods, namely listening to a spoken word in Greek and to its English equivalent, alternatively, or taking multiple choice tests.

Learn at your own pace

You can set the tempo for the Greek lessons, by timing your daily sessions, or disabling the clock, and practice as much as you consider necessary. The words, phrases and verb conjugations are sorted into categories, in order for you to learn then easier. You can practice with each set until you have mastered it.

The software structures your lesson in stages. You can listen to each word in a set and choose the correct answer. If you get all the answers right the first time, you can move on to the next set. However, if you have wrong answers as well, the software automatically generates more stages, in which you can practice with the words you did not remember the first time.

You can add any word to the Hotlist, which contains your word picks. You can add to the Hotlist, for example, words that you have difficulty in remembering, words that you like or phrases you need to master.

Customizing the word collection

Not only can you practice with the sets of words already included in the language module, but you can always add new words, as you discover them. You may create learning CDs or print lists of words and their equivalent in English.

WordBanker English-Greek is a useful tool for learning the Greek language yourself, or teaching it to someone else. You may record a voice, speaking the foreign words and compare it to the input pronunciation. The software uses voice recognition in order to evaluate your answer and detect correct or wrong answers.


With WordBanker English-Greek, you can easily learn the Greek language or teach it to someone else. It is a powerful learning tool, using multiple techniques, such as memorizing words by hearing them or associating them with visual representations. The software can measure your progress and mark your performance, so you can adjust your learning rhythm yourself.

WordBanker English-Greek was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 12th, 2014
WordBanker English-Greek - WordBanker English-Greek is a useful assistant that enables you to learn or improve your knowledge of the Greek language.WordBanker English-Greek - You can practice with sets of words, sorted by category, and start with greetings, and other basic words.WordBanker English-Greek - Before you test your knowledge, you can take a learning session, in which you can hear the Greek words' pronunciation.WordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-GreekWordBanker English-Greek

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