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A tool to reduce weight

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eBody is an easy to use diet planner that helps you determine the number of calories that need to be burned in a user-defined period of time.

Although it may seem a very advanced program at the first sight, it’s not, as eBody remains just a basic software solution relying on a great amount of information provided by the user.

In fact, the only thing eBody does is to calculate the number of calories, protein, carbs and fat to be burned in a pre-configured period, all based on some user defined parameters.

First of all, the application prompts the user to input his height, weight, age and gender. Plus, he or she needs to define the number of kilos to be lost in a specific number of days.

User’s mission doesn’t stop here, as he/she needs to continue the task of providing information by inputting the type of exercises to be performed, the time in hours and the number of such activities every week. eBody supports a long list of exercises, including swimming, golf and football.

Once you provide all these details, eBody calculates the number of calories, protein, carbs and fat to be burned and nothing more. No diet and no nutrition program, just this very basic information.

The program works instantly and doesn’t affect system performance at all, running fine on all Windows versions.

All things considered, eBody is more like a waste of time and there are lots of similar apps on the market doing the same thing and a lot more.

eBody was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 11th, 2012
eBody - eBody is a handy application designed to monitor your weight and plan your diet.

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