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An application that enables you to view, create and download a wide range of routes, waypoints and cartography information from the Internet

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If you are planning on taking a trip to a foreign country, it is always useful to bring a few maps with you, as well as establish a route beforehand. Thanks to the new technology advancements, GPS devices can fit into your pocket and display much more information than a regular map ever could.

View detailed maps from all around the world

CompeGPS LAND is an application that aims to facilitate the transfer of high-quality maps to the GPS device of your choosing. It enables you to view and download a wide variety of maps from any location you want, as well as create waypoints and routes directly on them, for easier navigation.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the supplied maps, you can extend them by downloading others from the Internet, such as from OpenRunner, Dropbox or EveryTrail. These can also be categorized by country and topology format, depending on your needs.

Create waypoints, routes and tracks

The application enables you to create new waypoints and routes to add on the selected maps. The waypoints can contain information like altitude and coordinates, in order to properly optimize them for your GPS device. The included editor allows you to make use of features like zoom, screenshot or flight simulator, which offers you a virtual overview of your chosen track.

The routes contain a list of all the waypoints to the destination, along with various details regarding the distance, bearings and even a short description about each checkpoint. They can contain any number of waypoints and you can modify their order as you wish, as well as delete or add new ones.

In conclusion

All in all, thanks to the wide range of available maps, CompeGPS LAND is a handy utility that can be of great use to plan out your trip. Furthermore, if you happen to own a GPS device, you can easily transfer all the data and map images to it, in order to use them on the road.

CompeGPS LAND was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 29th, 2014
CompeGPS LAND - The main window of the application displays a map of the world and enables you to add waypoints and routs.CompeGPS LAND - You can create a new route or waypoint, as well as print the current file by accessing the File menu.CompeGPS LAND - The Maps menu enables you to open new maps, or download a landscape for a specific area.CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #4CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #5CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #6CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #7CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #8CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #9CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #10CompeGPS LAND - screenshot #11

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