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An emulator for hardware components that you can use to build electronic circuits and run simulations for ATMega micro-controllers

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Dedicated mainly to electronics engineers and aspiring students, Emulare is a tool that can be used as a hardware emulation, providing full compatibility with the AVR instruction set. It can be used for building microcontroller boards and testing circuit functionality.

Build electronic circuits the easy way

Its tab-based graphical interface enables you to work on multiple projects at once, while the component library displays all the available elements in tree-view, for easier navigation. The package bundles a set of samples that can help you with your work, but you can also start a new project from scratch.

Rich object library

Emulare focuses on ATMega microcontrollers, enabling you to construct complete circuits with AVR memory elements, push buttons, switches, timers, analog comparators, analog to digital conversion items and a set of basic components, such as leds and resistors.

Also, it enables you to use power management elements, input and output ports, intern and extern interrupts, output digital displays, terminals, SPI and I2C monitors. Thanks to the drag and drop support, manipulating elements and building the circuit diagram is very easy. You can place elements wherever you want to and connect pins with wires.

Emulare enables you to set restrictions for the LPM and SPM, lock memory and disable the programming and verification of the flash.

Once your circuit is complete, you must set the EEPROM file and configure the register values for the CPU, the stack pointer and all the other elements. Then, you can load a program to the memory (in HEX or BIN format) and launch the simulation from the designated menu of the application. Each performed action and its result can be viewed within the logging area.

A simple, yet useful microcontroller programming and testing tool

Emulare helps you build electronic circuits and run program simulations on ATMega microcontrollers. It enables you to work with multiple boards simultaneously, providing a useful tool for microcontroller programming.

Emulare was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 14th, 2014
Emulare - You can use Emulare to build and simulate complete Arduino boards within a simple interface.Emulare - You can start, pause and stop the simulation using the designated menu of Emulare.

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