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This Matlab application is designed to help you implement image recognition features in your projects by using advanced algorithms

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Face Recognition System is a useful tool for the Matlab users who need to identify a certain portrait from a large database. The program includes an algorithm for comparing the selected image with the ones existing in the current collection.

Face recognition systems are used by security companies and businesses that need to quickly identify a person by using their picture. Since searching in an image database is not as easy as finding a word in a text document, various algorithms were designed in order to facilitate this operation.

In order to accurately identify an image, the algorithms build a map based on eigenvectors in order to easily compare two files. When similar values are detected on multiple images, the face recognition programs are able to provide you with relevant results.

The algorithm included in this tool allows you to build an image database by adding the photos from your collection. The database is organized into classes which means that you can add multiple files for the same person.

When searching for an image, the program compares the current file with the database content and provides you with the ID of the class. Unfortunately, it cannot store additional information about the person in order to provide you with a full report.

If you want to use Matlab for face recognition projects, the Face Recognition System aims to help you process large image databases with minimum effort.

Face Recognition System was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 2nd, 2013
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