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The main purpose of this application is to use Infrared or Bluetooth enabled devices in order to control home equipment in remote mode

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Infrared Remote Manager is a small, yet reliable utility that aims to control your home equipment remotely via a Infrared device. It acquires information about such gadgets, sends it to the PC, transforming it into a bridge that facilitates various remote operations.

There are many uses for Infrared Remote Manager, some of which involve outstanding control over your home devices. It relies on Bluetooth and Infrared enabled phones in order to command a PC application, for instance or to detect presence.

Subsequently, it can be used to master up to ten different home automation devices. You can also control Winamp playback, as well as to coordinate equipment from distance, using a web or WAP browser.

In order to achieve all of the above, it relies on several plugins (Infrared, X10, Bluetotth, IR Dimmer, Winamp), which can be turned on or off individually. Requirements include a minimum of one input and one output plugin for the application to run in monitoring mode.

As far as the user interface is concerned, users will not have a hard time figuring out its menus and commands. It sports two modes, full and minimal, the former providing access to all of the options, whereas the latter is limited to selecting a protocol and executing a single command.

Other highlights include autocalibrate functions, importing and exporting device configurations files, storing the commands automatically, as well as managing various output event scenarios.

In conclusion, Infrared Remote Manager is an innovative approach to controlling home equipment with little effort. The number of operations that can be performed remotely is outstanding, to say the least.

Infrared Remote Manager was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 5th, 2013
Infrared Remote Manager - This is the main window of the application from where you can start the work with itInfrared Remote Manager - From the File menu of the program, you can add a new device or edit and delete an old oneInfrared Remote Manager - This menu of Infrared Remote Manager allows you to choose the StandardDCD or autodetect functionInfrared Remote Manager - screenshot #4Infrared Remote Manager - screenshot #5Infrared Remote Manager - screenshot #6

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