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A practical, useful and reliable utility worth having when you need to manage and organize personal lyrics along with their chords

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[JT] Songbooks is a simple and straightforward piece of software whose main purpose is to help users manage and organize their lyrics alphabetically. It allows you to customize them the way you want by changing the font size and style, as well as the color.

The application comes with a very easy-to-handle and intuitive interface that allows you to add as many lyrics as you want. Simply specify the author’s name and the title, then add your lyrics along with their cords.

The main window displays three tabs you can easily navigate through and perform basic operations such as export libraries, add new chords and change the font style.

The ‘View’ tab of [JT] Songbooks allows you to add new lyrics, or edit the existing ones effortlessly. You can also change the cadence configuration at the end of a lyric.

The left panel displays all of the available lyrics in an alphabetic order so you can easily access the preferred ones within seconds.

By accessing the ‘Style/Consultation’ tab you are able to change the chord output style and color, modify the font style, underline the lyrics, as well as increase or decrease the font size.

Finally, if you want to export libraries to JDB or TXT format, as well as print the lyrics, you can navigate to the ‘Misc’ tab. This way, you are able to update existing libraries from MDB / JDB files or from the Internet and overwrite the lyrics if the song exists in the database.

What’s more, [JT] Songbooks enables you to import data from Songbook so you can easily access your favorite lyrics.

Considering all of the above, [JT] Songbooks comes in handy for users who need to manage and organize their lyrics in a more organized way.

[JT] Songbooks was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
[JT] Songbooks - With the help of [JT] Songbooks you are able to manage and organize your lyrics along with their chords[JT] Songbooks - You can navigate to the 'Style/Consultation' tab if you want to change the font size, as well as add new chords[JT] Songbooks - The Misc tab of the application allows you to export the libraries to JDB or TXT format[JT] Songbooks - [JT] Songbooks allows you to easily update the libraries from MDB files or from web[JT] Songbooks - From the Settings window you are able to change the font size and style, as well as change the chord's color

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