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The first PSP emulator written in JAVA, capable of emulating over 600 PSP games on the computer, with customizable PSP controllers

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Jpcsp is a powerful PSP emulator that is compatible with more than 600 games, allowing you to enjoy them on your PC with increased performance.

If you’re an avid fan of computer games and want to enjoy the beauty of PSP games on your PC, the best solution is to try one of the PSP emulators available on the market. Since most users go with recommendations when deciding which of them to choose, we’re being straightforward about it and we’re advocating for Jpcsp.

Its popularity with the gaming community says a lot, to begin with, not to mention that we were quite impressed with its user oriented approach, being fit for all types of audiences.

It’s written in Java and is completely portable, so there’s another advantage. With extensive support for NVIDIA graphic cards, Jpcsp is able to prove itself on both dual-core and quad-core architectures.

Wrapped inside a simple, yet user-friendly interface, Jpcsp puts on display a rich array of features that include various video / audio configurations, as well as a set of debug tools for developers.

It can load the games from local UMD files, as well as from memory sticks and allows for the immediate playback of the resources. The video stream can be resized or rotated and the audio can be muted altogether.

The controller can be tailored to match your needs, by assigning custom keys for various gaming controls of the virtual PSP device.

The debugging toolset comprises a memory and image viewer, as well as support for VFPU registers and an instruction counter, complemented by an ISO dumper and a profiler reset utility.

All in all, Jpcsp is a great choice if you’re after a PSP emulator that carries out the job beyond doubt. It’s feature-rich, portable, cross platform and a pleasure to experience with.

Jpcsp was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
Jpcsp - This is the main user interface ofJpcsp  where you can start working on your projects.Jpcsp - The application's File menu allows users to load a file, save a snapshot or load a snapshot.Jpcsp - The Options menu of Jpcsp enables you to adjust the audio or video settings.Jpcsp - Some of the available tools you can work with: Memory Viewer, Image Viewer or Elf header Info.Jpcsp - screenshot #5Jpcsp - screenshot #6Jpcsp - screenshot #7Jpcsp - screenshot #8Jpcsp - screenshot #9

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