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A small and lightweight application that generates a random value between 1 and 9999, ideal for raffle draws and other situations that require winner extraction

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Humans are not very good at coming up with random numbers, which makes them unfit to choose the winners in a chance-based contest or a raffle draw.

Although computers cannot generate truly random values either, since they follow certain algorithms that can be predicted, they are definitely better at it than people and they have fewer reasons to cheat.

Choose a winning ticket for a raffle draw

Raffle Draw Number Generator is a simple and lightweight software utility that was designed with a single purpose in mind: to randomly pick a value from the total number of available tickets, in order to decide the winner of a contest or a raffle draw. As you might expect, the application has an upper limit to the amount of tickets it can process at once, and that limit is 9999.

To start the draw, all you have to do is head to the Edit menu and select the “Enter draw total” option. This opens a small window inside the application, where you can enter the total number of tickets and begin the draw process.

Background sound effects to increase the suspense

As the program shuffles the tickets and is about to choose the winner, a sound effect is played in the background to increase the suspense. Unfortunately, due to occasional bad synchronization, the sound can continue to play even after the draw is complete, even if just for a few seconds, and you do not have the option to deactivate it unless you mute the playback devices connected to your computer.

Furthermore, the algorithm used for the random number generation is faulty, since it frequently generates values that are greater than the chosen limit, especially for 4-digit numbers. This can be caused by the fact that it does not actually come up with a whole random value, it just seems to choose one digit at a time, starting with the lowest units first.

Closing arguments

Despite having a rather simple idea at its core, Raffle Draw Number Generator fails to properly deliver valid results in accordance with the ticket number settings, which is the main point of a raffle draw in the first place. Even with single-digit numbers, the application cannot be trusted to generate adequate values unless you repeat the process multiple times.

Raffle Draw Number Generator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 29th, 2014
Raffle Draw Number Generator - After you provide the number of maximum tickets, the application generates a random value.Raffle Draw Number Generator - You can enter the draw total and exit the application by accessing the Edit menu.Raffle Draw Number Generator - You can manually enter the number of available tickets, as long as they are no more than 9999.

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