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A simple application that is designed with the sole purpose of playing a distinct sound whenever you press a certain key on your keyboard

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When it comes to miscellaneous computer tools and software, there is a very wide spectrum to explore. There are those which are completely handy and others for which you might have a hard time finding use.

Strike’N’Tick is an application that was built with a very specific role, to play a beeping sound whenever you press a key on your keyboard.

No installation required

Strike’N’Tick doesn’t need to be installed before you can use it. You merely have to run the downloaded launcher and the application adds an icon to the system tray area from where you are able to access it and its functions.

After you start it, the application will play a sound every time you press a key. A keyboard contains multiple key blocks and for this reason, Strike’N’Tick allows you to choose a distinct beep for function, control, sign, alpha, numerical and other keys.

Add custom sounds

Strike’N’Tick allows you to choose the same sound for all the keys but since it’s offered as open-source software, no one is going to stop you from adding your own custom beeps.

So for example, if you want to give your little kids a nice surprise by playing their favorite animal sounds whenever keys are pressed, you are free to do so. The application sounds can be muted but unfortunately it’s either all of them or none. You can’t choose to enable or disable the effect only for a specific group or certain keys.


All in all, Strike’N’Tick might not have the most relevant use for most PC users but if by any chance you want to find out when the cat steps on the keyboard or play a prank on someone, you can use Strike’N’Tick.

Strike’N’Tick was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
Strike’N’Tick - Strike’N’Tick can play a distinct sound when a key is pressed from a specific group of keys.

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