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A simple and user-friendly piece of software that enables you to create your own tattoo from a favorite picture or other similar sources

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Tattoo Pro Software is an efficient application whose main purpose is to offer you an easy means of converting regular images into pictures that can be tattooed on your skin.

Simple interface

In order to work with the utility, you do not need to install it on your system, as you can just double click the EXE file and it will immediately launch, allowing you to start working with it as you please.

The interface of Tattoo Pro Software is rather basic and fairly unattractive, but it manages to do its job successfully, meaning that it can be used by people with all levels of experience, with the least amount of effort.

It functions similar to a wizard, with the exception of the fact that the window of the tool fluctuates in size from one step to the other, which can prove a bit confusing at times.

Select, adjust and create your tattoo

The main window of the program enables you to select the task, between 'Create Tribal Tattoo' and 'Tattoo In Up To 23 Colors'. You can choose the measurement units, either inches or centimeters, depending on your situation. Also, you can opt for the preferred orientation, 'Portrait' or 'Landscape'.

To continue, you can press the 'Open Image' button and load the photo you want to work with from your computer. Afterward, you can select the required size and resolution, then proceed to 'Color Reduction', where you can select one of several methods and move the assigned sliders to adjust the resulting picture.

Subsequently, you can merge the 'Channels', then obtain an estimate in RGB values of the 'Colors' you will be working with. Next, you can opt for the preferred 'Stencil', finally previewing the image before printing it or saving the project to your computer, to JPG or BMP format.

Useful tattoo creator

To conclude, Tattoo Pro Software is a handy and easy to use program which can assist you in turning a regular photo into one you can place on your skin, in just a few mouse moves, enabling you to get the tattoo you always wanted.

Tattoo Pro Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 25th, 2014
Tattoo Pro Software - The main window of Tattoo Pro Software allows you to choose the task that you wish to performTattoo Pro Software - The Output Size and Resolution window enables you to select the preferred image qualityTattoo Pro Software - In the Color Reduction and Separation, the tool will render the black, white and grey channelsTattoo Pro Software - screenshot #4Tattoo Pro Software - screenshot #5Tattoo Pro Software - screenshot #6Tattoo Pro Software - screenshot #7

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