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Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder is a macro oriented tool that allows you to bind any button from the keyboard to a certain command or text. The program was designed for changing the keyboard mapping for the Grand Theft Auto game but can also be used for other applications.

The app can associate a keyboard button with a certain action and send it to the game, to a certain window or use it for the Windows interface. You can alter the destination by entering the exact window name in the Settings dialog.

Although its main purpose is to remap the keyboard for a certain application you can also use it to quickly insert a text item. For instance, you can avoid typing the same paragraph multiple times by assigning it to a keyboard button. You just need to press the button to send the text to the application.

Unfortunately, the bindings cannot be set for an application but for a window name, which is rather important when the currently opened file changes the name of the window. You can bypass this issue by using the same binding for all Windows applications but make sure that the key does not have an important role in some of them.

When creating a new binding, the application does not replace the current function of the button, but rather adds a new function. For instance, if you assign the text "Softpedia" to the Numpad 1 button and use it in Notepad, you get the text "Softpedia1". To insert only the selected text you need to use a key that does not insert a character such as the function keys.

The interface is easy to use and allows you to create up to 30 bindings. It requires insignificant resources and the response in almost instantaneous even when sending larger text items.

Overall, Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder can be a useful tool for GTA players and for other Windows applications. However, if you are looking for a dedicated macro tool, there are better solutions.

Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on September 6th, 2012
Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder - From the main window you can easily bind the desired keys.Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder - From the Settings window you can adjust various features of the application.

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