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A fast Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the PC

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jNES is a handy application that allows you to play Nintendo games by emulating a Nintendo Entertainment System. This tool allows you to escape from the complicated games and to enjoy the simple gameplay of some classic arcade games on your PC.

The program can handle files in NES or NSF format in order to load the game and to display the content. The emulator supports graphics, sounds and allows you to use controllers in order to recreate the gaming experience.

You can adjust the sound options by enabling the sound channels that you want to hear. The program can also separate the pulse channels in order to create a virtual stereo effect. The video rendering options allow you to play a game in full screen mode or in a window. Both modes allow you to change the resolution in order to match your display type.

The emulator can save the progress of a certain game and resume it by using the quick access keys. You can change the keyboard configuration and use other controllers as input devices. The Cheats feature allows you to select the cheats that you want to use in order to finish the game faster.

This tool allows you to record the gameplay and to save it in order to review it later or share it with your friends. If you only want to save the sound, the program can record them as a WAV file and save it to a local folder.

jNES is a lightweight application and does not require significant resources to load a game. The processor load is insignificant even when you are capturing the video or the sound from a game.

Overall, this emulator is a useful application that can help you replay some of the most popular games from the 80's on your PC.

jNES was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 21st, 2013
jNES - jNES will provide users with a fast Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the PCjNES - The File menu will offer a list of basic functions as well as options like Capture Image / Sound / MoviejNES - Users will be able to access options such as Save / Restore / Tate slot / Limit FPS or Region within the System menujNES - screenshot #4jNES - screenshot #5jNES - screenshot #6jNES - screenshot #7jNES - screenshot #8jNES - screenshot #9

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