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A free of charge hex editor for binary files

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Tiny Hexer comes packing a very witty application for fast and easy editing of virtually any binary file. Computer files take up a set of drive areas that put together, produce one specific file. These areas comprise binary data that can only be parsed and edited by specialized software - hex editors.

As any other respectable application in its category, Tiny Hexer allows access to the raw and precise file contents rather than what a higher level software interprets and displays on the screen of your computer. An example can be the different interpretations of an image file by a hex editor and an image viewer. While the editor shows the raw image data, the viewer draws an actual image on the display.

Tiny Hexer uses the hexadecimal numerical format for editing the file data at this particular level, thus representing computer files as groups of four bytes as well as a group of sixteen ASCII characters derived from the four hexadecimal groups. While this may sound like gibberish to some users, more advanced ones understand the utility of such software and actually exploit them.

Although hex editors are not always associated with the most legit operations, their one and only aim is to provide access to the data behind any interface for debugging purposes. They can also be included within ample teaching classes, with lots of hex editors enabling students to quickly modify exact portions of data in order to change the title of a compiled program, for instance.

Tiny Hexer adds quite a plethora of options and functions on top of what a simple hex editor would offer. Amongst them, you can find fast searching and replacing of ASCII strings or hex bytes, file statistics as well as graphical data representations. With this program, you can edit files up to two gigabytes in size, while not being limited by the character encoding format.

The bottom line is that Tiny Hexer is not your usual hex editor and although its development is halted for some years now, the available features make it a great tool in the arsenal of any advanced user. It serves its purpose right and can prove to be the missing component in any tedious job of editing the raw data of files, being that for hacking missions or debugging objectives.

tiny hexer was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 17th, 2013
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