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Save time when converting various measurement units to others.

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If you're tired of going online every time you want to make a unit conversion and you're just looking for something to do the job straight from your desktop, this is probably the right app.

Free Unit Converter is a software solution able to meet your expectations, providing around 5,000 units from a total of 21 categories.

Besides the fact that it support such an impressive range of units, Free Unit Converter also relies on a very pleasant and easy to use interface, offering at the same time a set of features addressed to professional users.

Users will have to choose the desired category and the two different units they wish to use, input the value to convert and that's basically all because the app does the conversion as you type.

On the other hand, those looking for more options can always check the 'Show subcategories' option, choose from multiple conversion formats (auto, scientific and format), pick the decimal precision and only then proceed with the conversion.

Among the categories included in Free Unit Converter, we should mention weight, length, volume, power, energy, time, torque, fuel economy, data transfer and even computer storage.

The good thing about it is definitely the number of units it comprises, so you can use the software application for a wide array of conversions.

As a conclusion, if you wish to convert units the easy way, make sure to give this one a try. It has everything you need, it remains light on computer resources and should work on every computer out there.

Free Unit Converter was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 13th, 2012
Free Unit Converter - Free Unit Converter presents you with three separate panels that show you all the available data related to a conversion.Free Unit Converter - The program also makes unit calculations depending on what you choose to view.Free Unit Converter - The Temperature conversion presents scales that are not very well known to the user.

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