Portable ZBot Trojan Remover1.9.2.0

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A lightweight software utility that can detect the presence of the ZBot trojan on your system and offer you the possibility to delete the infected files

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ZBot, also known as ZeuS or Wsnpoem, is a trojan designed in order to infect your computer and extract credit card information or various online banking login credentials, such as PayPal accounts. Hence, you must make sure that your system is not infected before using your personal information over the Internet.

Scan your computer for infected files

NoVirusThanks ZBot Trojan Remover is a software utility that can scan your files for any variant of the aforementioned trojan and offer you the option to delete the infected documents from your computer. In addition, the application also displays the name of the suspicious file, as well as its registry key and the action performed on it.

One of the major advantages of the utility is the quick scan procedure, which allows you to verify the entire system in a matter of seconds, since it only targets the trojan's known hiding spots. Thus, you are able to quickly make sure that your computer is safe with the simple press of a button.

Backup files and registry entries

In case the scan process finds any occurrences of the virus, you should delete the infected documents immediately. In case you want to keep a copy somewhere else, the application allows you to create a backup for every file before deleting it, which can be used later or opened in another utility, to try and disinfect it and recover your data.

Additionally, the corrupted registry keys can be offered the same treatment, by generating backup copies before deleting them. As an extra feature, the utility provides you with a useful link to the registry editor, which you visit in case you are experienced enough to bring modifications to the available keys.

A straightforward trojan remover

Although NoVirusThanks ZBot Trojan Remover is only able to detect and remove a single type of trojan, it does so very efficiently and without too much hassle. In addition, the backup function allows you to recover your data using alternative methods, in case you do not want to lose the information contained by the infected files. Since this is the portable version of the application, it does not make any registry entries and it can be run without having to install it.

Portable ZBot Trojan Remover was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 15th, 2015
Portable ZBot Trojan Remover - You can scan your computer for suspicious files into the main window of the application.Portable ZBot Trojan Remover - The Settings tab allows you to backup files and registry entries before deletion.