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Portable version of the free image writing utility ImgBurn

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Burning CD and DVD images can be done with a lot of software solutions that can be found on the market, but what if you wish to do the whole thing on the go, without wasting time, only a few applications are worth trying.

ImgBurn already has millions of users and fans out there thanks to its powerful CD and DVD images burning features. Now you can enjoy the same great functions from the portable version that you can carry with you anywhere and run it from any storage device.

The interface is simple and clean so there should be no problems in using the software even for less experienced users. Operating ImgBurn is not difficult at all, you just have to choose the option you want, pick the files to be written on the disc and that's it.

Of course, ImgBurn, be it portable or not, is much more than that. With its help you can write or create disc images, even bootable ones, simply verify the CD or DVD as well as burn some files.

The 'Settings' menu offers a huge amount of configurations for you to choose from. You can set up the read and write options, image creation even registry customizations are available.

During our tests, the burning process went smoothly from the beginning to the end and Portable ImgBurn managed to burn the discs without errors.

Simply put, Portable ImgBurn is the same great app as the desktop version and it provides all the necessary tools for all users to create and write to disc any type of compilation.

Portable ImgBurn was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 31st, 2012
Portable ImgBurn - ImgBurn's main window allows you do select image file for burning and displays various information about it.Portable ImgBurn - ImgBurn's Tools menu gives access to the program's settings and to various drive options like load, eject, erase disk, etc.Portable ImgBurn - ImgBurn's Settings window - General tab allows you to change various program options, warning options and file associations.Portable ImgBurn - ImgBurn's Settings window - Write tab allows you to select the write mode and type and more write options.Portable ImgBurn - ImgBurn's Settings window - I/O tab allows you to select the interface, trasnfer length, buffer size and more.Portable ImgBurn - ImgBurn's Settings window - Registry tab lets you associate file types and shell extensions with the program.

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